New elements for Hostico client account

New administration features were developed for the Hostico client accountHosticoblogPublished 11/04/2022 by Mark Dohi
Newsletter & Merge invoices

Spring has arrived at Hostico with new features developed at the level of the customer account, meant to optimize general administration elements, as well as the possibility of using a new newsletter notification system.

Merge Invoices

From now on, managing proforma invoices in your account is easier than ever.
In addition to the proforma data update system developed previously, we add the possibility of merging the generated proforma invoices in your account.

Comasarea facturilor din cont

This will become indispensable for people who manage multiple services on their account, and do not want to pay the bill separately, but prefer to make a single payment.
For those who have invoices in their account on different dates, we recommend checking the data before merging, as the new invoice generated will be set to the customer account data. However, if this happens, the proforma can be changed back in just a few clicks

Email Update

When it comes to the security of our customers' personal data, Hostico's development team is always vigilant.
Due to this, all updates of the main e-mail addresses related to the client accounts will be able to be made entirely from the Hostico interface without the need for additional procedures.
All you have to do is attach a proof of ownership, and we'll take care of the rest. In the case of individuals, a copy of the identity document is sufficient, and for companies the registration certificate is also required.

After validating the information, an operator will confirm in writing the change of email address.
All documents submitted to update your email address will be kept in accordance with Hostico's privacy and data protection policy.

Newsletter system

Until now, the notification system had a relatively simplistic subscription, which did not offer much flexibility in choosing the messages received.
This disadvantage was due to the rigidity of the application used in the development of the platform, but with the rebuilding of Hostico from scratch, we now have the necessary flexibility to provide you with a complex newsletter notification system.

The message structure is divided into distinct categories, some by default being checked on all client accounts, others being optional:


  • Maintenance / Interventions (technical / technical actions on equipment and services that may lead to their interruption)
  • Services (price updates, service removals, service updates, etc.)
  • Legal (updating terms and conditions, etc.)


  • Promotions (promotional prices or coupons)
  • News (implementation of new services and features, documentation within Hostico or Awesome Projects)
  • Security (various security recommendations)

Enabling or disabling notifications can be done from the Hostico client account by accessing the User section
For complete information on the features described above, we recommend consulting the articles in our tutorial section:

Merge invoices
Update the email address of the Hostico client account
Update your email preferences

Bank Accounts

As of 04/28/2022, the bank accounts belonging to Awesome Projects SRL (owner of the brand - Hostico) have been transferred to Transilvania Bank, moreover, those who opt for payment in dollars will now also have a USD account available at their disposal:

BT - Sighet Agency II, Swift: BTRLRO22

The old accounts opened at Romanian Commercial Bank will remain active for a while, until the transition is successful, so we recommend that those with templates in their banking applications update their IBAN account to ensure the most efficient transaction processing possible.


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