Find out all about the new Hostico and SitePad sitebuilder features

See the new features available, the new SitePad sitebuilder, the ability to change the billing period and transfer services between customersHosticoblogPublished 07/10/2020 by Mark Dohi
SitePad & Update

New Features

Regarding the simplification of certain operations, in the last month we have developed several modules to support customers, such as:

SitePad - the new SiteBuilder

At Hostico we are always looking for the most efficient solutions regarding the services we offer.
For this reason we decided to replace the SiteBuilder application used so far, namely TrendyTools with one that offers more features, namely SitePad.
One of the main features of the new application is to create responsive websites, thus the site creator ensuring that regardless of the device from which the site will be accessed it will be properly framed.
For more details on SitePad features you can access how to build a website in 3 simple steps

Billing period

Customers can now change the billing period for services in their customer account.
This functionality is available for all services offered: hosting, domains, vps, etc. Access and use of this feature is available on the tutorial page changing the billing period.

Close client account

For individual customers who want to benefit from the right to be forgotten offered by GDPR, we have implemented a way to delete the account and all its data held at Hostico from inside the customer account.
Although we hope that this feature will be used by as few people as possible, those who still want to remove it completely from our database now have the opportunity to do so in an easier way.
Details on using this module can be found by accessing the tutorial deleting a client account.

Services Transfer

Because moving services from one account to another involved a bureaucratic process, we decided to simplify the procedure by implementing customer account-level functionality.
Thus, customers who want to transfer / move their services to other customers can now do so without the need to sign assignment agreements or acceptance.

Unblock IP

Thanks to Hostico protection systems, a consecutive number of failed authentication attempts are perceived as a possible attack and implicitly lead to the blocking of the IP of the person trying to authenticate.
However, it often happens that these attempts are in fact just the wrong pass of the mailbox password or the cPanel account, and the client entitled to access the account is blocked.
Thus, through this functionality, customers who had the misfortune to block will be able to unlock their IP without having to contact the technical department.


For those who do not know, xCMS is a premium service offered by Hostico for optimizing and securing multiple types of applications including WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Joomla.
The price of this service has been changed from 200.00€ installation / takeover and 50.00€ monthly subscription to 200.00€ collection fee and 25.00€ monthly subscription.
This tariff change is based on the fact that the first intervention is the one that involves the highest level of work, subsequently the maintenance of the site being relatively less time consuming.
For more details on this service can be accessed the pages xCMS respectively xCMS Terms.


Although implemented and offered as a variant of free control panel recently, the interaction with it was not what we hoped for from several technical points of view.
Among them we could list old versions of the applications needed to operate a hosting server, lack of updates, and almost non-existent support.
All this determined us to give up using it and to migrate existing customers to the other free panel option,such as Webuzo.
In addition to the free Webuzo panel, we also offer the 2 premium control panels, namely cPanel and Plesk.


Although implemented as a payment method for Hostico services for over 10 years, PayPal will no longer be among the payment methods offered starting with 01.11.2020.
The decision to cancel PayPal is based in principle on the high commission charged for the payments received, somewhat in disagreement with the low rates we offer for both domain registration and web hosting services, respectively vps.
The Hostico PayPal account will remain open for a period of time, therefore customers who wish to continue paying using this method will be able to do so by sending the desired amount directly to the Hostico mailbox related to the account, namely


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