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Find out all about the Plesk Control Panel offered by Hostico.HosticoblogPublished 14/03/2019 by Mark Dohi
Plesk Control Panel

About Plesk

Along with cPanel, Plesk is one of the most widespread and used commercial control panels.

Launched in 2001, the panel has gone through several stages of development and upgrading, adding over time the value of platforms and administrators who have used and used it. Today, according to the developer`s own statistics, 50% of the top providers of various services use Plesk in their activities.
Developed to run on both Linux and Windows systems, Plesk is a control panel that centralizes various administrator functions in a single interface.
Adding, deleting and modifying websites as well as installing, uninstalling, or updating various system services is possible from this interface, along with performance monitoring.

In addition to the comprehensive interface, Plesk automates various tasks that need to be performed on a web server. For developers, it offers multiple programming environments, including PHP and Node.js.


Plesk provides all of the functionality which we are used to and want from a control panel such as domain management, email, databases, files, dns, and so on.
Also, through two catalogs, Extension and Application, it is possible to extend the functionality of the Plesk panel by installing various system extensions and applications.



There are several reasons why we implement and offer Plesk, alongside Webuzo and cPanel.
We want both to expand the number of software solutions that we offer,we want to respond to customers who have requested this control panel but also to offer a control panel alternative with a lower price to cPanel for VPS customers who manage a small number of domains.
Although Webuzo is already in this price category, offering it as a free panel, it is relatively new on the market and often suffers from various shortcomings.
On the other hand, Plesk is a stable solution, tested and developed over time.

Licenses and prices

At present, three types of Plesk licenses can be purchased along with the VPS offered:

  • Plesk 10 - allows hosting of 10 distinct domains - at the price of 7.99€ / month
  • Plesk 30 - allows hosting of 30 distinct domains - at the price of 10.99€ / month
  • Plesk unlimited - allows the hosting of an unlimited number of domains - at the price of 18.99€ / month

Prices do not include VAT.
Within the above limits, the subdomains or parked / alias domains are not included. Only domains on individual accounts and additional domains will be counted.


As with cPanel / Webuzo panels, installing / configuring and administering the server or panel will be done by Hostico if the client does not want it to be unmanaged.
Also, in the next few weeks, we`ll complete the Tutorials and FAQ with articles on Plesk operation and use


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