From now on, you can benefit from multiple website transfer programs.

Find out all about the new Hostico: Transfer Site program.HosticoblogPublished 16/07/2019 by Mark Dohi
Site Transfer

Free Site Transfer

The national IT services market, especially the web hosting market, has grown steadily in recent years. This is due to the need of customers to create online presence and is to their advantage because the competitiveness between the suppliers means as diverse offers as possible, both in terms of services offered and in terms of rates.

Due to the multitude of providers, the variety of services and prices, choosing the right option for the client's needs, especially if he does not have experience or does not benefit from the guidance of an experienced person, is often a matter of luck.
In order to support customers, who after choosing a supplier for various reasons consider that it does not meet the requirements they have, we decided to launch the program: "Site Transfer".

By using this program, customers dissatisfied with the performance of the current provider can change it with minimal costs, the services paid to the old provider being equivalent by Hostico in the following way:

  • free transfer and renewal with one year of the domain purchased to Hostico
  • offering a substantial reduction in the price of the hosting package ordered from Hostico
  • offering a free period of web hosting at Hostico

Free domain transfer

We transfer and renew your domain free of charge if the hosting package chosen at Hostico is purchased for a period of 12 months.
The extensions for which this offer is valid are: .ro, .eu, .com, .net, .org
If you have several purchased domains that you want to transfer, you can contact us to establish an offer.

Discounts on web hosting plan

The discount is offered for each month of hosting remaining active with the current provider. As an example for 2 months remaining active (paid) at the current provider you will benefit from a 4% discount on the Business hosting package, regardless of the chosen billing period.
The cumulative percentage reduction may not exceed 50%.
The percentage points offered as a discount for each hosting package are the following:

1% discount on the Start package

2% discount on the Business package

3% discount on the Reseller / SEO package

4% discount on the entire range of Virtual Servers (VPS)

Free hosting

Hostico will compensate the remaining active period (paid) to the old supplier by extending the hosting period purchased depending on the remaining period paid to the old supplier in the following way:

  • for hosting packages purchased for 3 months, compensation will be offered for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months
  • for hosting packages purchased for 6 months, compensation will be offered for a minimum of 2 month and a maximum of 6 months
  • for hosting packages purchased for 12 months, compensation will be offered for a minimum of 3 month and a maximum of 12 months

One of the most essential aspects in the success of any supplier-customer relationship is communication.
As a provider, Hostico shows its full availability and offers all the necessary support regarding the services offered, both through consulting in facilitating the choice of the most suitable solution for purchasing a web hosting package, and through professional assistance 24/7/356.


  • Web service provider Hostico
  • the discount cannot be applied if the hosting is free
  • percentage discount and hosting period are individual offers and cannot be combined
  • the invoice for the hosting service paid to the initial provider sent to
  • the activity of the site must comply with the Hostico Terms and Conditions of Use
  • the program does not apply retroactively
  • this program cannot be correlated with another Hostico program
  • the program only applies to the first period purchased
  • the program only applies to Hostico hosting packages and private servers
  • the services / products offered free of charge in the purchased hosting package are not affected by this program
  • the program cannot be used in conjunction with other discount coupons offered by Hostico or its partners

If you want to benefit from the compensation of the period paid to the old supplier, immediately after completing the order you must send a copy of the last invoice paid to in order to establish the validity of your order and calculate the compensation period.
If the invoice sent is suspected to be false, or the remaining active period does not exceed one month, the discount will not be applied.
For the migration of the content, after purchasing the service, it will be necessary to contact the technical department at


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