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I want to transfer a service from my account to another customer, how do I do it?Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | move services | customer account | hosting | domains
In this article we will explain the steps to follow to transfer a service from one customer account to another.
by Mihai BobriucViews 1921Updated now 1 yearPublished 17/07/2018
I forgot my customer account password, how do I recover it?Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | password | customer account | recovery
If for various reasons you no longer have access to your Hostico customer account password, a reset is required.
by Mihai BobriucViews 1045Updated now 1 yearPublished 30/08/2018
I have reached the space limit, what to do?Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | space | hosting | upgrade
Find out why you've reached your space limit and what to do about it.
by Mihai BobriucViews 1039Updated now 1 yearPublished 06/12/2018
Do you offer SMS notifications?Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | sms | notification | payment | suspend
Find out if Hostico offers SMS notifications.
by Mihai BobriucViews 933Updated now 1 yearPublished 04/05/2019
What are the payment methods?Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | payment | invoice | commercial
The methods available to the customer for payment and possible future payment portals.
by Mihai BobriucViews 929Updated now 1 yearPublished 18/07/2018
I received an email from ROTLD regarding the maintenance fee. What does this thing mean?Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | rotld | domain | tax | invoice | payment
.ro domains have undergone changes in the past regarding the maximum registration period.
by Mihai BobriucViews 920Updated now 1 yearPublished 30/08/2018
Do you provide technical support?Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | contact | support | online assistance
One of the most important things when choosing a web provider is the support they offer. This article describes the Hostico support type.
by Mihai BobriucViews 913Updated now 11 monthsPublished 17/07/2018
Can I pay multiple bills with a single transaction?Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | invoice | payment | transaction | collection
Learn how to pay multiple bills with a single transaction.
by Mihai BobriucViews 847Updated now 1 yearPublished 13/12/2018
What is premium domain Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | domain | premium
Details about the premium domain names
by Mark DohiViews 679Published now 2 yearsPublished 24/03/2022
Can I change the billing data on a proforma invoice?Frequently Asked Questions Comercial | proforma | update | data | invoice | change
Updating the data on a proforma invoice.
by Mihai BobriucViews 661Updated now 1 yearPublished 29/05/2019
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