What are the benefits of the additional SEO option?

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Introducing the benefits of enabling the SEO option.
by Mihai BobriucViews 1297Updated now 1 yearPublished 13/03/2020

Compared to the standard hosting packages, the additional SEO option comes with additional facilities that can result in a better positioning of the website in search engines through its optimization. These facilities are:

Custom nameservers 
In the form of ns1.website.extension and ns2.website.extension. These nameservers are created on IPv4 addresses of different classes and on distinct IPv6 addresses.
Module Google PageSpeed

The Google PageSpeed ​​module automatically optimizes the site according to the recommendations of Google PageSpeed ​​​​Insights. This module was specially developed by Google to help improve the performance of websites.
The module is installed at the server level and activated at the account level so that no additional operations or settings are required from the site owner.

Module optimizations include:
- HTML, CSS and JavaScript minification;
- combining and optimizing external Java scripts;
- optimizing file loading, prioritizing CSS and postponing JavaScript;
- resizing, compressing and converting PNG to JPG (if the images do not have transparent areas);
- converting images to WebP (for browsers that support this image format);
- enabling caching for files;

For increased stability, the purchase of a dedicated IP is recommended for the SEO option.

Purchasing the additional SEO option to Reseller packages applies the Google PageSpeed ​​module to a single account (user).
If multi-account implementation is desired, it will be necessary to contact the commercial department.
For more details on how the Google PageSpeed ​​module works, you can access its tutorial: Google PageSpeed ​​configuration.

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