What is the difference between Hosting, Domain and Website?

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Three different but related elements. There is often a confusion, so it is important to know the difference between them, in order to be able to carry out the online activity as efficiently as possible.
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When you visit a website, at first glance it would seem that the number of processes that are executed is a large one. In reality there are only three different aspects of the site that are interconnected:

- Domain name;

- Hosting;

- Website;

What do we mean by "domain"?

It is an address that visitors enter in the search engine (example Hostico.ro) or in the address bar. This address tells the search engine which hosting server to look for the site's files in order to upload them. The domain name must be purchased and pointed to a web host (by setting up nameservers) in order to serve a useful purpose. Otherwise the purchase of the domain does not serve any particular purpose. For example, with the Start package, it is possible to add a maximum of 3 sites/domains, but it does not mean that at the time of purchasing the package you also receive 3 free domain names. These must be purchased separately. Once directed (linked) to a hosting, subdomains can be created for that domain, such as forum.domain.ro or blog.domain.ro. The number of subdomains that can be created is unlimited. Domains can be pointed to any hosting, being possible to manage them from the control panels.

What do we mean by the term "hosting"?

A hosting is a subscription for a space on a server, which is always kept online in order to deliver the content even when the user is not accessible. It is possible for this server to run on a local computer, however the services would only be active as long as the computer was on and there were no fluctuations in network operation. Additionally, in addition to processing speed and high uptime, hosting includes storage space on which entire sites or various individual files can be uploaded, these being displayed to visitors when accessing the domain. It is possible to change files on the hosting plan, to display different websites or can direct different domains on hosting to display websites stored for this purpose.

What is the "website"?
The website is a collection of files (possibly also databases), which are presented to the user when he visits a domain related to a hosting. Depending on the configuration of the website and its requirements (in terms of space, resource consumption), one or more hosting packages will suit it.

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