What is the difference between SSD and NVMe

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The advantages of NVMe technology
by Mark DohiViews 1601Updated now 2 yearsPublished 30/04/2022
Solid State Drives (SSD)

It is a hardware device that uses "solid-state" storage technology via flash memory.
Unlike conventional hard disk storage (HDD), SSDs do not have moving parts, resulting in much faster data transfer speeds.

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express)

Similar to SSDs, it is a type of flash storage that does not contain moving parts, in addition, it is implementing non-volatile memory, a memory that can store your data even after the power is turned off.
NVMe is faster than traditional flash storage, enabling more efficient data transfer between storage systems and servers.
In terms of speeds, they are up to six times faster than SATA-based SSDs and 10 times faster than hard drives, which is especially noticeable when writing and reading large files, thus being recommended for projects that include this type of data.
Given that it is a relatively new technology, the acquisition cost will be slightly higher, but the performance offered will be justified by the processing speeds.

Notable differences between the two technologies are:

  • NVMe storage has non-volatile memory for data storage
  • Transfer speeds for large files are unmatched by SSDs
  • Considerable increase in read and write operations that can be run simultaneously.

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