When accessing the site I get 500 Internal Server Error, white page or PHP errors. How can I find out details about the problem?

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Known error 500. For many users it presents a major problem. In this article you will find all the information you need.
by Mihai BobriucViews 781Updated now 1 yearPublished 18/08/2022

There may be situations in which, when accessing the site, 500 Internal Server Error, a white page or other messages containing details about the encountered error (PHP errors as an example) are displayed.
Generally these errors can be caused by:
- syntax errors PHP.
- syntax errors .htaccess.

To find out details about these errors, if the browser does not display them, we will have to check the logs manually.
Error logs can be accessed in the following ways:
-in the case of the cPanel control panel, details about the errors will be present in the module, Errors in the Metrix section.
-in the case of the Webuzo control panel, error details will be present in the Error Log module in the Server Info section.

If the above options do not provide enough information about the errors encountered, we will have to consult the error_log file, in the root directory of the site or the executed script .
error_log can be accessed using the control panel's File Manager or using FTP. We may encounter situations where the error log is not named error_log , but has another name set by the application, such as : errors ,  exception_log , etc.

There may be situations where no error is written to the error logs. In this case, we'll need to make sure we have PHP directives enabled log_errors și display_errors.
In the case of cPanel the PHP directives can be checked by following the tutorials:
Edit shared hosting directives
Edit VPS hosting directives
At the same time, we will have to make sure that the application also has the error display and logging functions activated. This setting differs from application to application.

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