Why do emails get in the spam folder?

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Find out in this article why emails get in the spam folder
by Mark DohiViews 748Published 06/04/2022

In some cases, emails sent by you to various recipients may get into the Spam folder. This problem can have many causes. The most common are:


The hosting IP (shared or dedicated) is listed in a blacklist
- The IPs assigned to the hosts are checked daily and are delisted by Hostico at the same time being checked and the cause of the listing resolved. This problem is most common on hosting packages without dedicated IP. If one of the accounts you share the shared IP with is infected and / or generates spam messages, the IP is blacklisted and all accounts that use that IP will be affected. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you purchase a dedicated IP.


The IP assigned to the local device (from which you are sending emails) is blacklisted

Emails sent by you have been marked as Spam by some recipients
- in this case, the only option is for the recipients to mark your emails as Not Spam.


Emails do not contain unsusbcribe links.


Emails contain a subject and / or content that triggers the antispam filters of the receiving servers.

- This problem is especially true for free email providers such as Google, Yahoo, etc., whose antispam filters are extremely aggressive. It is recommended that you check your keywords in the subject and content of your emails to avoid triggering spam filters. There are various sites on the internet that analyze your emails and identify the keywords that trigger spam filters: https://www.google.com/search?q=check+email+for+spam+keywords


Emails contain attachments that are known to be malicious.
- .txt, pdf, word, excel attachments generally do not cause problems in this regard, but .exe, .bat, .jar, .rar, etc. executable attachments will certainly be blocked instantly by antispam filters . Try to use only documents for attachments, especially for recipients using free email services.

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